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Speech and Language Evaluations
$150 - $250*

I conduct strengths-based, neuro-affirming speech and language evaluations to help clients, their communication partners, and other professionals gain a better understanding of how the client’s strengths, challenges, and differences in communication affect their everyday lives, and to develop goals that are meaningful and beneficial to the client, rather than for the convenience or comfort of caregivers or educators.


*The cost of an assessment varies based on the complexity of the individual's profile, whether one or two sessions are required to gather necessary data, and how many domains of speech and language require in-depth assessment. I will provide a quote for assessment after a free initial phone-based consulatation.

Individual Speech and Language Therapy

I offer therapy sessions that are 60 minutes in length. Sessions can take place in the client’s home, or another community setting of their choice. I do not have a clinic space at this time, but prefer to work in settings that are most comfortable to the client. 


Therapy sessions with small children are parent participatory and typically involve a lot of discussion, demonstration, practice, and feedback. Children are not expected to stay engaged throughout the session, and direct therapy is often interspersed with conversation and coaching with caregivers.

Please note: I am only able to provide ongoing, in-person therapy within the Halifax Regional Municipality at this time. Travel to locations within an hour of HRM may be possible for one-time consultations or in other special circumstances. Travel fees apply. Teletherapy will be considered on a case-to-case basis for some individuals living in other locations within Nova Scotia.

Daycare, School, Workplace, and other Community-based Consultations
$100 per hour

I am able to travel to childcare centres, schools, workplaces, and other community programs to observe and discuss communication strategies, supports, and accommodations. I am also able to participate in educational planning meetings and give presentations on specific topics when requested.

Direct billing available for Medavie/Blue Cross

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